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Studio Leek disainisprint Design sprint



This meeting could have been an email - how to hold a workshop instead?

How much of your regular workday is spent in meetings? How many of them actually yield useful results?


3 h

Enough of unfruitful discussions going round in circles. In Studio Leek we have discovered the power of goal-oriented workshops. How to find solutions to wicked problems when you don’t have that much time? In this training session you get to try out some techniques for collaborative problem solving and learn how to structure a workshop according to your goal.

By the end of the session the participant is able to

  • comprehend the role of the facilitator

  • understand diverging and converging facilitation methods

  • choose the methods to support achieving their goal

  • create an agenda for their workshop

Delivered by


Sandra is a design sprint facilitator at Studio Leek with 5+ years of training experience.

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