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 Prototyped and tested solution

 in 4 days 

Save countless hours on meeting and developemnt

Tangeable protoype in 3 days

Feedback from end-users in 4 days

Innovative ideas by a diverse team

No previous design skill needed

 What's a Design Sprint? 

Design Sprints are the “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behaviour science, design thinking, lean and agile methodology – packaged into a battle-tested process​​ that any team can use to solve any challenge. It's a research tool that gives companies tangible results, and helps them stop wasting time and resources building the wrong idea!


The 4-day workshop is built upon four important parts - ideation, co-creation, prototyping, and user testing. Innovative solutions are created by a 4-7 membered team from your company, who reach a solution in just 2 days. On the third day we help you to create a tangible prototype and last but not least, the prototype is tested with end-users. This invaluable validation gives the input needed for deciding on the next steps. 


The Design Sprint process is led by certified facilitators from Studio Leek.

 Design Sprint can be used for  

  • Aligning Multi-disciplinary teams and creating a clear vision for teams to work towards 

  • Validating and Testing Ideas and Business Models before investing time/money into projects. 

  • Creating truly Customer-First experiences, without months of wasted User research 

  • Kicking-off new product development cycles.


Sprint is also a good idea for spicing up the daily office life. The team gets to work in a different setting for a few days and explore completely new ways of working. 


See also this 2-minute overview of Design Sprint by the leading DS agency in the world - AJ & Smart.

 Studio Leek team 

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