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Kickstart innovation
in 4 days with Design Sprint 2.0

We help to tackle big challenges through brainstorming, prototyping and user testing.

Studio Leek design sprint
Design sprint

 What's a Design Sprint? 

Design sprint is an innovative 4 day process for tackling big challenges through brainstorming, prototyping and user testing. It originates from Google and has helped to bring thousands of innovative solutions to the market. Design sprint combines design thinking with lean principles which enables you to approach companys’ challenges in the most effective way.

Read about the benefits of design sprint below.

Day I

Day II

Defining the challenge

Creating different solutions

Collaborative sessions

Choosing best solution ideas

Defining prototype details

Collaborative sessions



Studio Leek

Day IV

Studio Leek

Testing with potential users

Conclusions & next steps


*We design sprint both remotely and physically!

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 Why Sprint? 

Studio Leek Design Sprint

Tangible prototype

Have you heard the saying “A prototype is worth a thousand meetings” with Design Sprint you’ll have one in just 3 days. After 2 days of ideating our design team creates a real-life prototype based on your teams’ ideas.

Studio Leek Design Sprint.jpg

Diverse input

Cocreation is the key! The sprint team is cross-functional and the problem-solvers come from all different parts of the company. This enables to get all the different approaches at once and no one's viewpoint will be missed.

Studio Leek Design Sprint.jpg

Customer feedback

After the prototype is approved it is time to test it with your potential customers and get something very valuable - honest feedback. Opinion patterns from customers is a strong basis for making further decisions.

Our experiences



Museum of Natural History

How to design a museum exhibitions and it's learning experience?

AO8B2015 (1).jpg


Future City Hackathon

Design Sprint combined with hackathon format to come up with future city solutions.


TalTech Mektory
Estonian Natural History Museum
Haute Hygge
UT Sandbox
Estonian History Museum
Book MD
Studio leek
AJ & Smart design sprint certification

Studio Leek

Studio Leek is a certified Design Sprint consultancy in Tallinn, Estonia. We are passionate about innovation and efficient processes.

At our previous software company positions we got overwhelmed by the vast amount of meetings which proved to be unproductive until we discovered the Design Sprint. Now we wish to share our experiences with you by offering Sprint consulting that enables compressing months of work into just 4 days.

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